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Fox & Bunny

An ancient legend says - who cooks and tastes soup from 4 kinds of mushrooms, he will prove his love to the whole world and will consolidate the respect of ancient spirits. Through the bright sun and the pitch darkness, through the dirty swamp, and the cool taiga.
Go through a difficult test, using your reaction and savvy - this is a job for Fox and Hare!
And all for what? All for mushroom soup! Down with the expectation and regret - it's time to act! After all, dreams do not fulfill themselves.

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Numberline 3
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Numberline 3 is hard, but very interesting puzzle game, which will force your mind work for all 100%. You relax, play and listen good soundtrack in the beginning, but after a few levels the game becomes difficult and more exciting.
Don't Panic!
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Don't Panic! a logical strategy with top view. Your goal is to kill all the people on the level by limited number of zombies.

Don't Fall!
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Exciting arcade game made only for you!
Modern design, chilling out music and interesting gameplay. Beat other players and become the best!
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Have you ever imagined what will happen if in a society where almost everything, from banal street lighting to calculating the routes of airplanes and spacecraft, is regulated by artificial intelligence, an Internet virus will appear that will start to disable computers in a row? The main hero of our game - James Holtz - no need to submit, because all this is happening right before his eyes.
Currently demo have only russian language. 18+
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